Getting married in Italy

Who does not want it? Get married in Italy! Preferably as authentic as possible. Between the vines, on a hill, the Italian Riviera or within the total culture of the islands of for example, Sardinia or Sicily. As a wedding official you can not make me happier than to tell your beautiful story under the lemon trees or on the edge of a beautiful blue lake. The long covered tables where the families are sitting around, it is always as if I ended up in a movie.

It is all possible but there are some challenges for the perfect picture. Getting married before Italian law is almost impossible, it is in any case a good search, usually it does not work. Most bridal couples therefore opt for a ceremonial wedding in Italy. Moreover, the ceremony in Italian by an Italian wedding official is fairly rare. The vows in Italian have been pronounced by the official in question that you have never met before and in no time you are outside again. No personal story.

Trouwen in italie

Foto: Sjoerd Banga. Locatie: Imperiale Palace Hotel in Santa Margherita Italie.

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