Getting married in France

France is still high on my favorite list and that is due to the great diversity. The dynamism and uniqueness of a city like Paris, but also the beautiful chateau's, wine regions and coastal towns appeal to the imagination. I love the language, the kitchen and the 'laisser faire' of the flat country.

I regularly have a ceremonial wedding in the middle of Paris in one of the parks, Parc luxembourg, Jardin des Tuileries or in a beautiful hotel

completed. In the parks that can only be done with not too big companies. The park guards keep an eye on everything and if you do it neatly


Foto: Guusta Veldman. Locatie: Parc Luxembourg.

and the language speaks when the weather is good. Of course, much more is possible outside of Paris. France has a variety of great 'hidden' places, fortunately the internet takes you a bit further.

It is not possible for the Dutch to marry French law. Also bridal couples from France are only allowed to marry where they live, unless the mayor decides otherwise in exceptional cases. There are many rules and you do not want that stress just before your beautiful day. Do not you want to orane yourself? For professional guidance, organization and good tips?

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