Say YES again!

What could be better to say YES again after a couple of years against the love of your life? Also called the reaffirmation of your wedding ceremony. Whether you are married for 1, 10 or 50 years, the feeling, the intensity you want to anchor as a new beacon in your life history. Or just for a nice party with a special note!Opnieuw JA zeggen!

Why say YES again?
All reasons are legitimate. The history of your lives will now be richer than during your official marriage. Episodes have been added, nice warm memories, but maybe also sad and emotional moments. For some, the wedding day for whatever reason did not bring what you had hoped for, for others reaffirmation is a precious moment to involve the children.

Opnieuw JA zeggen!Where and with whom?
With your children, family and friends around you, or just the two of you. Choose the most dear place on earth, in the forest, on the beach, at home abroad or as a surprise in the middle of a birthday party or anniversary.

Officially recognized?Opnieuw JA zeggen!
A vow renewal is not a legally binding ceremony such as a wedding, so it is possible for everyone.

What can you expect and what are the costs?
As a sworn civil servant of the marital status, I perform official marriages and not legally recognized marriages. In the latter case, the signature on the 'marriage certificate' is therefore not valid for the law but very valuable for you. Your life course is summarized in a lively, involved, recognizable and dynamic story. Your witnesses, friends and children also play a major role.

In consultation we look at the costs, how extensively do you want it, how many hours are involved? That is different for everyone, call us for an indication.

Opnieuw JA zeggenMany went before you during our Serious Request action in 2014 where I saw a lot of beautiful moments with 3 colleagues. I have already included some pictures of this. For questions you can always call or email me.
or 0646617220.

Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen!
Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen!
Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen! Opnieuw JA zeggen!

Photography: Dejavu reportage